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Zyxel and Enea Expand Partnership to Simplify Network Security for SOHO Workers

Zyxel Networks has deepened its technology partnership with Enea by embedding Enea Qosmos deep packet inspection (DPI) technology in Zyxel’s new secure cloud-managed Wi-Fi 6E router for small businesses and remote workers. This new product, the SCR 50AXE, provides customers with an ultra-simple and affordable way to benefit from best-in-class security while taking advantage of Wi-Fi 6E’s high-speed and low-latency. In this product, as in others in the Zyxel portfolio, the embedded Enea Qosmos ixEngine® delivers real-time insights into applications, services, and traffic behavior to enable optimization and innovation in networking and cybersecurity.

The SCR 50AXE is an example of this innovation. It provides a complete small business network in a single device that incorporates robust security, including protection against ransomware, malware, mail fraud, phishing, intrusion, exploitation, and more. And it can be set up in minutes through the Zyxel Nebula Cloud via the Web or Nebula mobile app, removing the complexity often associated with connecting and securing a small business network.

The integrated routing and security features are supported by Qosmos ixEngine, a commercial grade, next-generation DPI and classification engine that recognizes over 4000 protocols and applications, more than any other DPI engine on the market.

Developed specifically for integration into third-party applications, Qosmos ixEngine removes the need for vendors to develop in-house protocol recognition capabilities, simplifying product development and accelerating delivery and time-to-market. And it can support all types of products from edge devices like the SOHO SCR 50AXE to core infrastructure within the world’s largest, most demanding enterprise and telecom networks.

Jean-Pierre Coury, Vice President of Enea Traffic Intelligence, states “We are pleased to embed the Enea Qosmos ixEngine into this exciting new offer from Zyxel. It is an elegant solution to meeting networking and security needs that are changing as the ways we work evolve. We have always admired Zyxel’s deep commitment to customer-centered innovation, whether those customers be businesses or home users, and we look forward to supporting them with our OEM technology for many years to come.”

Ken Tsai, Associate Vice President of Zyxel Gateway SBU states “We appreciate the loyal support and customer dedication shown by the Enea team, and we, and our customers, have been well-served by Enea’s innovations not only in deep packet inspection but also in first packet classification and machine learning-enhanced encrypted traffic classification. We are privileged to serve 1 million businesses today, large and small, in 150 global markets, and we look forward to building on this success in partnership with Enea.”


Stephanie Huf, Chief Marketing Officer
E-mail: [email protected]

About Enea

Enea is a world-leading specialist in software for telecom and cybersecurity. The company’s cloud-native solutions connect, optimize, and secure services for mobile subscribers, enterprises, and the Internet of Things. More than 100 communication service providers and 4.5 billion people rely on Enea technologies every day.

Enea has strengthened its product portfolio and global market position by integrating a number of acquisitions, including Qosmos, Openwave Mobility, Aptilo Networks, and AdaptiveMobile Security.

Enea is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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