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NEXCOM and Enea Launch Open Source Software Kit for Secure SD-WAN Leveraging flexiWAN

Enea and NEXCOM have jointly developed an open source software kit for secure SD-WAN, making it easy for systems integrators and communication service providers to evaluate and deploy enterprise networks leveraging universal customer premises equipment (uCPE). The kit includes flexiWAN, an open source SD-WAN application, and pfSense, an open source firewall, both virtualized to run on uCPE. Included are also automation scripts for onboarding and testing, and extensive how-to-guides.

The open source software is configured for Enea’s uCPE virtualization and management platform, Enea NFV Access, and NEXCOM’s Intel-based TCA 5170 and DTA 1160 whitebox appliances.

The two hardware platforms provide different networking capacity at different price points, covering a wide range of performance requirements for various use cases. NEXCOM TCA 5170 is based on an Intel® Xeon® D processor and is designed for high virtualized performance, while NEXCOM DTA 1160 is based on an Intel Atom® processor and designed for light-weight, scale-out workloads. Both configurations have been tested to meet the throughput requirements of most small and mid-sized branches.

Providing a complete application framework, including open source Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and all necessary configurations, the software kit significantly shortens the time to bring up a solution on uCPE. It can easily be adapted to accommodate preferences for specific VNF vendors by replacing the open source VNFs with other SD-WAN or firewall VNFs, or by extended it with additional applications.

“Our collaboration with Enea is part of our strategy,” says Allan Chiu, VP of Network & Communication Solutions at NEXCOM. “It allows us to bring pre-verified solution kits to the market for quick and easy adoption by end customers. We hope to increase our collaborative efforts in the years to come.”

“The demand for uCPE-based SD-WAN and security is growing rapidly and this kit is a great way to shorten time-to-market,” says Karl Mörner, Vice President of Product Management at Enea. “We think of it not only as a starter kit, but also as a complete, cost-effective, software solution for deploying secure SD-WAN.”

“Leveraging the open source SD-WAN of flexiWAN allows vendors such as Enea and NEXCOM to ship their products pre-installed with a ready to use solution” says Amir Zmora, CEO & co-founder of flexiWAN. “The system automatically registered with flexiWAN’s cloud management and users can open a free account and start using the system”



Erik Larsson, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication, Enea
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Jennifer Lan, Director, Sales and Marketing, Network & Communication Solutions, NEXCOM
E-mail: [email protected]

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