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New Downloadable Version of Enea OSE Facilitates Evaluation of Multicore RTOS Scalability

The Enea OSE real-time operating system is now available on the popular QEMU emulation platform, simplifying early usability and performance evaluations

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, May 9, 2018 – Enea® (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA) today announced a new evaluation version of its multicore real-time operating system, Enea OSE. The new version, freely available for download on Enea’s web site, simplifies technical evaluations, makes it easier to assess usability and performance, and can be used for early application prototyping.

The widespread and industry-proven Enea OSE operating system is typically used in applications with strong requirements for real-time characteristics and high scalability: networking, telecoms, automotive, industrial, and defense markets. As an example, it is the most widely deployed commercial operating system in radio base stations worldwide.

Enea OSE’ unique ability to scale linearly over many cores is perfectly in line with the continuous evolution toward more processor cores in embedded systems and edge devices. While most operating systems are unable to scale with preserved characteristics beyond as little as four cores, Enea OSE scales linearly with an increasing number of cores, leveraging the full processing power of multi- and many-core devices.

“We have recently seen surge in interest for Enea OSE’s unique ability to deliver real-time, high performance on multicore processors,” said Adrian Leufvén, Senior Vice President OS Business Unit at Enea. “That’s why I am pleased that we can now offer this free downloadable version which will greatly facilitate testing and evaluation.”

The evaluation version of Enea OSE is designed for QEMU, a popular open source machine emulator that runs on standard computers and servers, without the need for specific or expensive hardware. The evaluation kit includes all the documentation, quick start guides, and application samples to get started quickly and easily.

For further information please visit the Enea OSE web page