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Netology Smart Edge Simplifies SD-WAN with Enea Edge

Enea and Netology today announced that Netology has chosen the Enea Edge uCPE virtualization platform and management system to power its Netology Smart Edge.

The Smart Edge platform takes advantages of Enea Edge uCPE virtualization to replace its proprietary appliances for WAN services such as SD-WAN, Routers, Firewalls, and WAN optimizers with comparable software-based Virtual Network Functions (VNFs).

Netology Smart Edge is designed to simplify procurement, deployment, and operations of solutions based on universal customer premise equipment (uCPE) through a pre-integrated service delivery platform and flexible application options. Based on a range of white-box appliance options, it can scale from small offices to major hubs. Enea Edge provides the solution’s software platform that runs and manages VNFs/CNFs. Developed as an open solution, users can choose any SD-WAN, SASE, or edge application, combine it with any transport, and deploy it in any location.

Enea Edge uCPE virtualization enables Netology Smart Edge to simplify all stages of network management for both enterprises and service providers:

  • Flexible procurement – a single platform that can be customized with applications from multiple vendors thereby combining the simplicity of a packaged solution with the flexibility and range of multi-vendor offerings.
  • Easy deployment – requires only one device for all network functions in each branch. Automation and zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) make deployment easy enough for any customer employee (not only IT-trained personnel) to handle installation.
  • Simpler operations – centralized management and automation means that applications can be added or replaced on-demand without any hardware swaps, ensuring efficient operations without on-site technicians or customer site visits and making the platform future-ready (e.g. for migration from SD-WAN to SASE)

“Enea Edge requires minimal computing resources and has more automation than other virtualization and management platforms, which is ideal for uCPE-based SD-WAN,” said Tanya Mathew, Chief Technology Officer, Netology. “With Enea Edge, we can offer a cost-effective SD-WAN solution which is also easy to manage and open to different applications.”

“85% of enterprise buyers want to choose the applications used in a Managed SD-WAN service*. With Enea and Netology, service providers now can offer this choice and avoid SD-WAN vendor lock-in, thanks to uCPE-based solution,” said Jean-Philippe Lion, Senior Vice President of the Enterprise Business Unit at Enea.

Enea Edge is an open virtualization and management platform capable of running any networking or edge application on any white box. Built specifically for white-box uCPE, it does not carry the overhead and complexity associated with datacenter virtualization, and ensures lean operations with centralized management, extensive automation, and a minimal footprint requiring as little as two cores to run an SD-WAN. Enterprises and service providers rely on the Enea Edge virtualization platform to provide a foundation for SD-WAN, SASE and Edge services.

Netology Smart Edge comes with fully loaded Enea Edge virtualization platform, a broad set of powerful network functions and services, ready to launch in an instant. With one product, businesses immediately have the opportunity to offer managed business services, managed SD-WAN & SASE services, routing functions, firewall, content filtering, malware/phishing prevention, advanced bandwidth management and more. Services can be turned on and off easily, and without requiring any extra cores, or replaced with 3rd-party VNFs.

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*Source: “Enterprise Intensification: The Rise of On-Premises Services” (Heavy Reading/Enea Survey, 2020)

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Enea is one of the world´s leading specialists in software for telecommunications and cybersecurity. The company´s cloud-native products are used to enable services for mobile subscribers, enterprise customers, and the Internet of Things. More than 3 billion people rely on Enea technologies in their daily lives.

Enea is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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