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Enea’s Latest Smartphone App a Favorite in Skåne

The City of Malmö app includes places in the city environment which people might find useful and fun

Over Easter, the City of Malmö launched its app for smartphones such as Android and iPhone. This app includes places in the city environment which people might find useful and fun. It includes dog walk areas, public restrooms and the 20 or so themed playgrounds in Malmö, with unique and specially built attractions. The app also includes all the jobs available in the City of Malmö and the option of reporting faults directly to customer service.

The app has been developed by Enea Experts in Lund together with the Highways Department of the City of Malmö. The system is fully dynamic and integrated with existing systems in the municipality, such as news and jobs available. Besides what the end user sees on their smartphone, the system includes a web-based administration tool for adding and managing places and associated information. The system is designed to allow City of Malmö staff to create new categories and add new places themselves. Information added to the service is directly accessible on mobile units.

"Enea's strength is that not only do we know how to develop mobile apps, but also that we understand the whole system and are able to integrate our app with the customer's other systems", says Magnus Bondesson, Head of the Enea Experts unit in Lund. "For an app to be successful in the long term, you should have precisely the attitude that the City of Malmö has; they have worked together in a number of administrations and are integrating the app into their overall operations."

"We hope the people of Malmö will consider this app to be very helpful, and to date we have been seeing around a hundred downloads a day", says Jan Andersson, Head of IT at the Highways Department of the City of Malmö. "Our cooperation with Enea has gone really well, and with their knowledge and experience they have been able to guide us through the discussions which led to the app we now have. Moreover, the project was delivered on time at the cost which we agreed, which is not always the case with IT projects nowadays."

To download the City of Malmö app, go to the AppStore or Android Market and search on City of Malmö.