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Enea wins product support contract valued at 600 KUSD

New two year maintenance agreement signed in weak market

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, October 18, 2013 – Enea will take over the support and maintenance responsibility for a development tool from one of its hardware partners. The 27 month contract, valued at 600 KSUD, will engage Enea’s engineers in Romania.

“We are proud to have signed a number of new agreements lately in our services business in both Romania and in the US.”, said Anders Lidbeck, President and CEO for Enea. “85 percent of our service business originates from the US where app 45 percent is dependent on U.S. government funding. For a period of time this has been an insecure market where we have seen declining investments during this year. Today’s agreement is yet another example of how we succeed to broaden our customer base and win new business in other segments. But due to ramp up time these new wins will not balance the decline with the government contractors in the US during 2013.”