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Enea signs a software development and licensing contract worth 5.1 MUSD

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 18 Dec, 2009 – Enea (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA) today announced an agreement with a global solutions provider worth 5.1 MUSD. The customer will utilize Enea's US consulting business to develop financial solutions. Enea® System Manager, a solution for configuring hardware and software assets, and the Enea® Element Application Development Framework will also be included in the project. Element is a middleware platform, that in simple terms can be described as the software connecting the operating system with the applications.

"This is a significant deal for Enea. To sign a deal this size when the market climate continues to be weak shows how important Enea is for the customer’s product development." says Per Åkerberg, President and CEO for Enea. "Today's agreement is also an excellent example of how we can leverage our strong position and skills in the telecom industry for communication intense solutions in other industries.

The total value of 5.1 MUSD is split between consulting services, software license and maintenance. The customer will also pay royalty for each system sold. The royalty value is difficult to estimate and Enea has chosen not to communicate an estimated value of this future revenue stream from this customer.