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Enea signs 8.3 MSEK license deal with a communications company in Japan

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 1 June, 2012 – Enea (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA) today announced an agreement with a global communications company, based in Japan. The agreement is worth 8.3 MSEK (96 MYEN) and includes licenses for the real time operating system Enea OSE Multicore edition, the development tool Enea Optima, and some 3rd party software components.

The customer will use Enea’s products to develop a new software platform for next generation communication systems.

”This is yet another great achievement for Enea in Asia.”, said Anders Lidbeck, President and CEO for Enea. “Not only is it an important design win where OSE Multicore Edition will be used on several of the latest multicore hardware processors. It also shows that the core strengths of Enea OSE with its high performance and real-time capabilities are appreciated by customers developing communications systems.”

The majority of the deal is based on a recurring business model, with a total value of 96 MYEN for access to the Enea software and support for one year. Thereafter the customer will have to renew up to 67 MYEN per year for the license, based on actual number of developers in the project.