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Enea Selected for Texas Instruments DSP Partner Network

Enea Professional Services Recognized as Experts on TI Digital Signal Processors and Tools

Stockholm, Sweden, January 19, 2009 – Enea® (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA), a world leading provider of network software and services, today announced it has been selected to join the Texas Instruments partner network of experts in digital signal processors (DSP).  

"Having Texas Instruments recommend Enea Professional Services as experts on their DSP products and tools is the ultimate seal of approval and quality. When customers engage with Enea they can have confidence that our knowledge, skills and process have passed a rigorous evaluation and we have been certified as experts by the market share leader in digital signal processing technology," said Gregory Singh, Senior Vice President EMEA Services, Enea. 

As a member of the partner network, Enea receives pre-market information on Texas Instruments products and tools, and additional vendor support ensuring successful project deliveries to its consulting customers.  

Enea has broad expertise and extensive experience in delivering solutions based on a wide range of DSP technologies. In addition to professional services, Enea offers a number of products for DSPs including Enea OSE®ck, a real-time operating system, which supports leading DSPs including those offered by Texas Instruments.  OSE ck has a 10 year track record of successful deployments in demanding applications from mobile handsets to large complex systems.  In 2007, Enea launched Enea dSPEED®, a platform that extends OSE ck with features for booting, managing, testing, debugging and error handling farms of multicore DSPs. This one of a kind offering is just one of the ways that Enea is staying on the leading edge of digital signal processing.  

Enea's customers are looking to quickly translate their latest ideas into prototypes and eventually marketing leading products.  However, at the same time, signal processing driven systems are becoming more feature rich and therefore more complex, including the addition of programmable logic (FPGAs) into systems. This leads to increased demands on the developers' knowledge and effectiveness. Enea's consultants have deep expertise in both DSPs and FPGAs giving them the ability to select the best method of partitioning an application across these two complementary components.  The result is a solution that is both price and performance optimized. 

"Consultants that specialize in the hardware area traditionally focus on electronic circuit board design and programmable logic, but at Enea we also have expertise in DSP programming. We combine the two technologies in order to develop solutions that land in the desired crossover point between price and performance. It is about creating the best technical solution, but at a price that makes the final product a market and sales success. This combination of hardware and software expertise allows our customers to work with a single supplier and ensures a more integrated and high quality result", said Gregory Singh.