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Enea Reinforces Swedish Consultancy Organization

Enea Expert Hubs emphasizes collective expertise and industry knowledge in six technical fields

Enea is one of Sweden's most experienced consultancy organizations, with expert consultants in fields such as embedded systems, communication, and Linux. To underpin and emphasize the Swedish consultancy part, the business has been organized into a coordinated unit going by the name of Enea Experts, which employs 250 consultants based in Stockholm, Linköping and Öresund.  

Enea already has a strong position in fields such as Android, testing, and M2M (Machine-to-Machine). To further emphasize Enea's knowledge, six expert hubs will focus on technical fields in which Enea has extraordinary knowledge:

  • Android expert hub
  • Mobile app expert hub
  • Agile test expert hub
  • Embedded Linux expert hub
  • M2M expert hub
  • Software Quality expert hub

Each expert hub offers collective expertise and senior consultants in their respective fields.  The expert hubs also arrange seminars and courses, and leads discussions on technology and news in the form of blogs. The expert hubs will be gradually extended to form even more extensive web portals in which collated information from the industry will be presented in combination with the opportunity to express views in blog comments and discussion forums.

"Enea has two business areas, one which offers consultancy services and one which offers software. This fact is not always as well known as we would like. Emphasizing and profiling our Swedish consultancy operation under a separate name is one way of giving this part of the company more power to market its expert knowledge and experience in a range of growing technical areas", says Per Åkerberg, CEO and President of Enea. "Not everyone can be experts in wireless communication, real-time systems, and Linux. But we are, and this is something that we want to demonstrate to our existing and potential customers."