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Enea Reduces Multicore and Multi Processor Debugging Challenges with new System Level Tools

Enea Optima 2.1 simplifies complex analysis and debugging with system level event recording and log analysis.

Enea® (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA), a global software and services company focused on solutions for communication-driven products, today announced the availability of its Enea® Optima 2.1 Eclipse-based integrated development environment. Optima 2.1 features enhanced system level debugging functionality which is essential for today's high-performance multicore and multi processor applications. Developers can now observe, map, understand, debug and optimize complex behavior across all system nodes from general purpose processors to digital signal processors (DSPs) – all from the same interface. 

Enea Optima 2.1 integrates two new powerful system level debug tools The Enea Black Box Recorder and The Optima Log Analyzer. The Enea BlackBox Recorder provides an operating system independent and portable high-performance trace and log implementation for target systems. The Optima Log Analyzer provides visual presentation of the captured log information in Gantt charts, sequence charts, state charts, plots and textual views. It provides automated facilities for importing logs, collecting and refining log data, filtering and searching logs, fusing and managing multiple logs, and mapping recorded information to high-level models. In addition to supporting popular embedded operating systems like OSE, Linux and VxWorks, the latest Optima release extends these new capabilities to DSPs by providing full support for Enea OSE®ck, a high performance operating system for signal processing applications. 

In addition, the Optima System Profiler has been enhanced for greater ease of use. Now developers can access advanced functions to filter collected profiling information and automatically calculate statistics such as minimum, maximum and average resource usage for system components e.g., CPU or memory usage over time. The ability to filter out irrelevant information during trouble shooting and perform automated analysis on the system is critical in reducing time spent on understanding system behavior and tuning for optimal performance and reliability.   

"As the amount of software is rapidly growing in modern multicore and multi CPU embedded systems, it becomes more and more difficult to obtain the insight needed to develop, test and maintain it" said Mathias Båth, senior vice president of marketing at Enea. "To help solve this problem, our Optima Tool Suite raises the abstraction level allowing application debugging to be done at the system level, rather than individual source code lines. The results are shorter development cycles and higher quality products." 

The Enea Optima tool suite is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment targeting the Enea OSE®, Enea OSEck and many other popular real-time and embedded operating systems. Utilizing the open source Eclipse Platform and C/C++ development tools technology, Optima provides advanced system level browsing, debugging, profiling and analysis tools that greatly simplify the debugging and optimization of large-scale distributed applications spanning multiple processors. All Optima plug-ins support fully distributed debugging, which enables any target CPU or DSP in a connected network to be accessed without the need for a direct connection.