Press Releases

Enea reduces costs in the Enea Services AB in Lund

As previously announced in the full year report of February 6, Enea's services business has noticed a weakening demand, especially in southern Sweden. Because of a slowing market in the area and as part of an ongoing review of costs, Enea will decrease the number of consultants in Lund which will concern a maximum of 16 positions.

The measure is implemented in order to adjust to today's market situation and thus ensure healthy long-term business development. The company will, in alignment with its strategy, increase sales efforts relating to services projects and outsourcing (Bridged Services).

Enea has a total of 550 consultants operating world wide, including approximately 100 in Lund. Enea is a stable company with strong cash flow and a strong financial position. Enea is working actively to continuously review costs and adapt to market trends.