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Enea Receives Order worth 3MUSD for Outsourcing of Test Operations

Stockholm, Sweden March 19, 2007. — Enea (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA), a world leading provider of telecom software and services, today announced an agreement with a global telecom company concerning outsourcing of test operations. The agreement has an estimated value of 3MUSD over two years.

The agreement covers audit, process improvement, quality assurance as well as training for and outsourcing of test operations. Enea will assist with test expertise and an outsourcing function at the customer’s office in Sweden to gradually shift the majority of the test operations to Enea’s office in Rumania. The agreement is expected to save the customer an estimated 1.5 million dollars annually.

“Enea’s engineering operations in Rumania, allows us to offer competitive outsourcing solutions to our customers. The interest is significant for our outsourcing offering and we expect additional orders during the year”, says Enea CEO Johan Wall.

Enea has over 20 years of experience in telecom software testing and a complete offering of services for software design, testing, integration and maintenance as well as training and certification of test personnel. Enea’s office in Rumania is planned to expand from the current 10 engineers to some 50 by the end of the year.