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Enea receives order for mobile network security worth EUR 2.2 million

Enea has received an order for signaling security in mobile networks from a European telecom operator. The agreement covers new business with an existing customer and includes software as well as services in multiple countries. Revenues of EUR 1 million are booked in the fourth quarter of 2022. The remaining part is recognized during a three-year period. The total order value is EUR 2.2 million.

“The geopolitical situation in Europe puts focus on cyber threats against mobile networks. Enea AdaptiveMobile Security products are market leading and play an important role in protecting against intrusion and sabotage attempts,” says Jan Häglund, President and CEO of Enea.

Enea is a world leader in mobile network security, protecting more than 2.2 billion subscribers worldwide. Enea provides a unique combination of intelligence, expertise in defensive cybersecurity, and award-winning software solutions for advanced threat detection and response.


Ola Burmark, Chief Financial Officer

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About Enea

Enea is a world-leading specialist in software for telecom and cybersecurity. The company’s cloud-native solutions connect, optimize, and secure services for mobile subscribers, enterprises, and the Internet of Things. More than 100 communication service providers and 4.5 billion people rely on Enea technologies every day.

Enea has strengthened its product portfolio and global market position by integrating a number of acquisitions, including Qosmos, Openwave Mobility, Aptilo Networks, and AdaptiveMobile Security.

Enea is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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