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Enea Linux strengthens Enea’s market position and improves the long term growth potential

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, September 27, 2012 – With today’s launch of the first commercial version of Enea Linux, Enea becomes the leading hardware independent supplier of comprehensive Linux solutions for embedded systems. Telecom systems include several types of operating systems where Linux to a greater extent is used for application software, while real-time operating systems such as Enea OSE often are found in performance-critical lower level software close to the hardware.

”As the leading provider of operating systems to the world's tier 1 telecom equipment manufacturers, it is a natural step to include Linux in our offering", says Anders Lidbeck, President and CEO of Enea. "In a customer dialogue, Linux is often among the first things we discuss and with our Linux offering we see great opportunities to strengthen our existing customer relationships and to develop new ones.”

The challenges of the telecom equipment manufacturers have been a leading light when designing Enea Linux. Based on Enea's long real-time experience from embedded systems and a leading position in the telecom market, Enea offers complementary solutions that significantly improve the Linux real-time performance, which is an area where native Linux typically does not fulfill all the requirements.

Enea's Linux Solution is based on The Yocto ProjectTM, a collaborative project for open-source development within The Linux Foundation, with focus on Embedded Linux. Enea is the only hardware independent provider of a Yocto based Linux Solution.

"The Linux Foundation has realized the growing importance of Embedded Linux, and the formation of Yocto is a testament to that fact. Our investment in a Yocto based solution is therefore very timely. ", Lidbeck concluded.

The launch of the Enea Linux is not expected to have any significant impact on revenues and earnings for 2012. 

Enea has today released a press release describing Enea Linux from a technical perspective. To read the technical press release, please visit