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Enea Launches Global Communications Center Offering Middleware Workshops

On-Site Workshops Offer Middleware Evaluation, Tradeoffs, Platform Optimization and Implementation for Telecom Equipment Manufacturers

Stockholm, Sweden and Santa Clara, Calif., ATCA Summit – October 21, 2008 – Enea® (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA), a world-leading provider of network software and services, today announced a ground breaking new opportunity for companies tackling the complexity of developing communications infrastructure equipment. The Enea Communications Center (ECC) will offer no-charge, on-site, half-day workshops for telecom equipment providers (TEMs) who are evaluating service availability middleware options (commercial and open source), perhaps the most important design decision made on a new project. 

The communications infrastructure equipment market is undergoing a major transition from in-house, proprietary hardware and software to commercial off the shelf (COTS) platforms. On the hardware front, the proliferation of IBM BladeCenter® and AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA blade systems has made the use of COTS products a reality. On the software side, the service availability and system management middleware layer is undergoing a similar transition, as TEMs look to reduce cost and accelerate deployment by utilizing COTS middleware solutions.  Enea is a pioneer in the marketplace with its Enea Element high availability middleware, and has now joined the OpenSAF Foundation which provides support for the OpenSAF project, the leading open source HA middleware implementation, to complement its offering. 

"Service availability middleware has emerged as the next major category of software to undergo the COTS revolution," said Per Akerberg, COO, Enea. "But introducing new platform technology can be a risky proposition. Consistent with our vision of solving customer development problems, these on-site workshops will help TEMs who are evaluating service availability middleware, sort through the options, understand design tradeoffs, and make optimal platform component choices."                                                                                

 "Our consultants have been vice presidents, directors and managers of engineering at some of the most innovative and successful communications companies in the industry," said Per Akerberg. "They understand the decisions facing our customers because they have been there. This workshop gives us an opportunity to pass on some of that knowledge, experience and expertise."    

More on the Enea Communications Center 

The ECC is staffed by a services team drawn from a global organization of over 500 consulting engineers. The ECC helps customers evaluate, implement and deploy carrier grade software platforms and applications in a variety of demanding communications markets, including wireline and wireless telecommunications, military/aerospace, and government.   

ECC services include:  

System and Software Architecture – Enea's engineering team has vast experience architecting complex, highly scalable communication platforms. Enea's software and system architects can help developers architect, analyze and validate their software system or platform. 

Open Source Evaluation – The emergence of the OpenSAF project creates new options in the market place. In addition to offering our market leading standards-based Element middleware, Enea is an OpenSAF board member and OpenSAF Project contributor. Whether developers are considering pure commercial or open source for their platform software, Enea can help explain the tradeoffs and implementation strategies.   

Platform Adaptation and Migration – Enea's experts can help equipment makers migrate existing system software, applications and services to next-generation platforms.  

Implementing Highly Available Applications – Enea's ECC professionals are experts in developing complex, distributed applications, from carrier-grade control plane services and sub-50-msec link repairs, to non-stop data forwarding and live, in-service software upgrades.   

Interprocess Communications – The Enea LINX open source messaging protocol is fast becoming an industry standard for scalable, high-performance messaging. Enea's experts are available to quickly port/adapt LINX to the latest network and communication mediums. 

Training – Enea has extensive experience in developing courses and seminars on a broad range of communications topics, including system architecture, high availability, and protocol implementation. 

For more information on the ECC, or to schedule an on site workshop please email Dan Sullivan at [email protected]