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Enea Edge Extends uCPE Virtualization to New Services

Enea today announced Enea Edge, a virtualization platform for a broad range of enterprise services running on uCPE (universal Customer Premises Equipment). Targeting the growing need for on-premises and near-premises edge computing and data processing, Enea Edge allows service providers to provision and activate a variety of data-intensive networking and edge services in a flexible and cost-effective way, in any location.

Until now, SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) has been driving enterprise edge services; there is now an increasing market demand for additional services such as private 5G, security, video analytics, IoT (Internet of Things) and carrier Wi-Fi. These services provide high value to enterprises, but they also produce high data volumes which in many cases must be processed on-premises to solve issues related to latency, bandwidth, data security and privacy.

There is therefore a need for a virtualization platform such as Enea Edge, specifically tailored to the requirements of the enterprise edge, easy to deploy in any location, including in thin branches without data centers such as retail outlets and small offices, and with the following characteristics:

  • Ability to run on top of any standard white box hardware (uCPE)
  • Hosting applications from any vendor (SD-WAN, firewall, video analytics, etc.)
  • Low power consumption and optimized for limited CPU and memory resources
  • Extensive automation and zero-touch provisioning

As an evolution of the Enea NFV Access virtualization platform which has successfully been adopted for secure SD-WAN deployments, Enea Edge addresses the need for a software platform capable of hosting a wider range of premises-based applications and services.

Enea Edge’s small footprint also differs from cloud computing platforms such as OpenStack which are too complex and resource-intensive for uCPE-based solutions.

Roy Chua, Founder and Principal at AvidThink commented: “Efficient and scalable virtualization platforms like Enea Edge enable service providers to roll out any network service or application component in any location on any white-box, all centrally managed and orchestrated.”

Andile Ngcaba, inq. chairman said: “With Edge AI Video Analytics solutions powered by Deep Learning, inq. clients are able to gain valuable insights from data that can be used to drive business, safety, and compliance decisions within their organisations. inq. is pleased to be an Enea Edge partner with a particular focus on video analytics services.”

Karl Mörner, Vice President of Product Management at Enea said: “With Enea Edge, we continue to evolve our resource-efficient open platform, which gives service providers the flexibility to choose the optimal mix of hardware and applications for their enterprise customers.”

More information about Enea Edge

Enea Edge is designed for white-box uCPE hosting applications at the enterprise premise. Services based on one or more applications sourced from multiple software vendors can be remotely provisioned and activated on-demand without any on-site visits.

Enea Edge consists of the following elements:

  • Enea Edge Runtime – white-box operating system for virtual machines and containers
  • Enea Edge Management – cloud-based management and enterprise-ready orchestration
  • Enea Edge Automation – framework for automating deployment and operation of large-scale networks

Unlike other virtualization platforms, Enea Edge is hardware and software agnostic, enabling mix and match of applications and networking functions while avoiding vendor lock-in. Enea Edge enables service providers to ensure their network and services deployments are future-proof and can be remotely expanded to rapidly respond to evolving customer needs.


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