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Enea Deploys Policy Control on AWS for South American Operator

Enea, a global supplier of innovative software components for telecommunications and cybersecurity, has deployed its Policy Manager on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud for a South American mobile operator. Enea’s cloud-native solution provides the Tier 1 operator with the Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) for 4G and the Policy Control Function (PCF) for 5G, to manage subscriber data for over one million subscribers.

The Enea Policy Manager works across cloud platforms and this deployment reflects a growing trend as companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM are ramping up their investments in public cloud offerings for operators. Gartner estimates that with a revenue of over USD 20 billion, AWS is the world’s top provider of cloud infrastructure and platform services.

In this context, Enea simplifies container orchestration on public clouds, allowing applications to run smoothly and efficiently across diverse computing and cloud environments. This gives operators the flexibility to connect best-of-breed solutions for 5G core networks and accelerate time to market for applications such as network slicing and cellular Internet of Things (IoT).

“As operators consider strategies for monetizing 5G, they have been looking to leverage automation and orchestration”, says Stéphane Téral, Chief Analyst at LightCounting. “Public clouds make the roll out of new services with artificial intelligence and machine learning simple. Enea’s solutions for public clouds are going to play a crucial role in the future of carrier networks.”

“Operators need advanced cloud-native solutions to control and scale their data from the 5G core to the edge, across networks and use cases,” says Roland Steiner, Senior Vice President, Telecom Business Unit at Enea. “The Enea Policy Manager is interoperable and platform agnostic. It has already been deployed by some of the world’s largest Tier 1 operators that need to monetize 5G from day one.”

The Enea Policy Manager builds on more than 15 years’ of experience from delivering subscriber applications to global network operators. From policy creation to policy operation – Enea’s solution is 3GPP standardized to provide agility and five-nine availability.



Erik Larsson, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication
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About Enea

Enea is one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative software for telecommunication and cybersecurity. Focus areas are cloud-native, 5G-ready products for data management, mobile video traffic optimization, edge virtualization, and traffic intelligence. More than 3 billion people rely on Enea technologies in their daily lives.

Enea is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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