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Enea Closes Significant Multicore Design Win

A market leading Tier 1 telecom supplier selects Enea to deliver new multicore technology for use in mobile infrastructure equipment. The solution enables its leading Enea OSE(TM) realtime operating system to co-exist with Linux on multicore processors.

Enea® (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA), a global software and services company focused on solutions for communication-driven products, today announced that it has secured a new multicore deal that is significant in respect to both order value and technological importance. The value of the agreement is approximately ten (10) MSEK over the project lifecycle. The development work, which will be carried out throughout the year will result in a software layer that will permit both Enea OSE and Linux to operate on a new processor that will power next generation mobile base stations. For the customer, the new technology will enable lower cost of development and deployment in its future mobile communication network platforms. 

"We are very proud to win this deal as it displays the trust the client has for Enea and our ability to deliver innovative technology with a high customer value," said Per Åkerberg, president and CEO, Enea." Today we take another step in our strategy to further expand Enea's expertise within the operating system area with Enea OSE in combination with Linux. This design win once again demonstrates that Enea is a leading provider of commercial RTOS solutions that can address any development challenge."  

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