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Enea Chosen as Preferred Supplier by World Leading Telecom Company

Enea has signed a two year frame agreement with Ericsson, the world leading telecom supplier, and been chosen as preferred supplier for consulting services.

The agreement is an extension of a previous agreement and provides Ericsson continuous access to Enea’s know-how within research and development. Today, Enea is involved in Ericsson’s development of mobile phone platforms and infrastructure, such as system development, development of embedded systems, test and verification. During the last year Enea has refined the business and further strengthened the products and consulting offering primarily within telecom segment. Having a continued confidence from Ericsson is an important confirmation”, says Johan Wall, President and CEO of Enea. Repositioning Enea to a global software company with local consulting business was started during 2004. The core business today is development and sales of self-developed software for embedded systems combined with related services, technical system development and third part solutions. Enea has previously a product frame agreement with Ericsson including software product OSE for system products and mobile telephony.