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Enea Announces Industry First: Qosmos Signatures for Third Party Deep Packet Inspection Libraries

Enriching product vendors existing DPI libraries with Qosmos signatures, to gain access to continuous protocol and application signature updates for faster development of networking and security solutions.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, February 2, 2017 – Enea® (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA) today announced the availability of Qosmos® Signatures for networking and security product vendors who wish to extend their Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) libraries with the most complete and widely used signature dataset on the market.

Product vendors with in-house DPI libraries face the costly challenge of constantly updating signatures for protocols which change regularly and without prior notice. While some basic protocols are easy to manage since they are relatively stable, a growing number of proprietary and fast-evolving protocols such as web sites, social networking, video streaming and gaming applications, require important internal resources for development, testing and validation to keep signatures up-to-date. This can slow down product cycles and detract product developers from the development of their core technology.

In order to keep their internal resources focused on their core business solutions and at the same time get access to regularly updated protocol and application signatures, networking and security product vendors can now extend their own signature coverage with Qosmos DPI signatures. Qosmos delivers signatures in a format that developers can easily embed into their products, as a complement to their existing signatures.

“Product vendors can expand their own signature coverage in an efficient way, getting regular updates of frequently changing signatures of key web and enterprise applications, while keeping their internal DPI competency and technology”, said Thibaut Bechetoille, President, Qosmos. “They can benefit from more than 2500 signatures with a worldwide coverage, to accelerate their development of solutions embedding network traffic and application visibility.”

Qosmos technology is established as a de facto industry-standard for IP classification and network intelligence based on DPI. Networking and security vendors use Qosmos software to gain application visibility, accelerate development and strengthen capabilities of new solutions for traffic optimization, service chaining, quality of service, analytics, cybersecurity and more. Qosmos is a division of Enea since December 2016.

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