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Enea Announces FastTrack Evaluation Kit for Freescale’s QorIQ Qonverge™ Products

Enea’s Solution Addresses CPU, DSP and Inter-core Communication Powered by Single Tool Chain

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 22, 2011 – Enea® (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA) today announced that it is launching its first iteration of FastTrack, a software evaluation kit for Freescale’s QorIQ Qonverge™ ( products.  FastTrack combines many of Enea’s proven runtime software products and tools into the industry’s first low touch, easy-to-evaluate heterogeneous multicore software environment.  FastTrack makes installing, evaluating and prototyping a complete software platform for QorIQ Qonverge products a simple, no-hassle proposition.

“The QorIQ Qonverge combines powerful Power Architecture® and StarCore® DSP cores with additional hardware acceleration capabilities in a highly integrated system-on-chip platform designed to accelerate development of network applications like femto cells,” said Marcus Hjortsberg, vice president of marketing at Enea.  “Until now, it has been difficult for companies to evaluate heterogeneous multicore software solutions, and virtually impossible to have a comprehensive, system-level debugging solution. Enea’s FastTrack evaluation kit provides companies with a means to develop and prototype software quickly.”

Enea's FastTrack evaluation kit combines several different Enea software products, including Enea OSE® Multicore Edition, Enea OSE®ck, Enea® LINX and Enea® Optima, optimized for network applications, in an innovative fashion to allow developers to begin working almost immediately.  Out-of-the-box installation occurs with a few simple steps.  Within a short period of time, developers can leverage the powerful message-passing programming model seamlessly across QorIQ Qonverge’s Power Architecture and StarCore DSP cores while performance optimizing their application with Enea’s system-level debugging and profiling tools.

Future versions of FastTrack will support configuration and deployment of Linux as part of the rapid evaluation environment.

The QorIQ Qonverge Platform is a ready to develop solution based on e500 Power Architecture cores and the StarCore SC3850 DSP technology.  The integrated system-on-chip
features multi-protocol hardware acceleration engines to form a potent Layer 1, 2 and 3 baseband processing system.  

"Enea’s FastTrack for the QorIQ Qonverge Platform offers our joint customers a sophisticated and powerful software solution with a compelling level of integration between the Power Architecture and StarCore nodes that scales well with the application," said Stephen Turnbull, marketing manager for Freescale’s Wireless Access Division  "We are pleased that Enea is offering an innovative evaluation package for companies interested in QorIQ Qonverge products with technology that has been widely proven in communications equipment including many of the world’s 3G and 4G basestations."

Enea’s FastTrack evaluation platform for QorIQ Qonverge products is available now.  To download go to