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Enea Announces Availability of Integrated Linux Configuration and Build Environment for NetLogic Microsystems’ Multi-Core Processors

Multi-Core leaders broaden collaboration to deliver integrated configuration and OS software for NetLogic Microsystems’ multi-core processors

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 20 September, 2010 – Enea (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA) today announced the release of its market-leading Linux configuration and build environment.  Enea’s offering incorporates advanced graphical configuration, build, and debug tools integrated with the NetLogic Microsystems Linux software development kit (SDK). The combination of the NetLogic Microsystems technology leading multi-core processors and the unique Enea supported Linux development environment offer a flexible platform on which developers can build a wide range of high performance systems. The entire suite is available free of charge for NetLogic Microsystems’ market-leading multi-core processors.

At the heart of the Enea’s Linux offering is a Linux configuration and build tool that has been fully integrated and tested with NetLogic Microsystems’ SDK with select additional packages to offer NetLogic Microsystems’ customers an intuitive and extensible Linux “jump start kit” installation. Complemented by a standard, Eclipse-based IDE with editor, navigation, project facilities and source-level debugger, this integrated tool and OS platform provides customers with a flexible and easily deployable Linux environment, and helps accelerate time-to-market. The integrated platform is available, free of charge, from both Enea and NetLogic Microsystems. Enea will provide optional, annual support subscriptions for customers seeking commercial support from Enea's Linux experts, as well as offering additional multi-core runtime and tools options, and value-add services from Enea’s extensive portfolio of software and services.

The expanded relationship between Enea and NetLogic Microsystems, both founding members of the eNsemble™ Multi-Core Alliance, is aimed at driving and delivering innovative hardware and software solutions to their mutual customers who are developing next-generation networking and telecom equipment.  In addition to supporting NetLogic customers looking for a Linux solution, Enea is also optimizing its award-winning Enea OSE® Multicore Edition, a realtime operating system (RTOS), and Enea® Optima tools for NetLogic Microsystems’ best-in-class multi-core processors.

"We are excited to broaden our relationship with Enea to deliver powerful development tools and support offerings around our NetLogic Microsystems Linux SDK platform available to our customers," said Chris O’Reilly, vice president of marketing at NetLogic Microsystems.

"Delivering state-of-the-art multi-core software platforms to the market is central to our strategy of enabling leading OEMs to develop highly competitive and differentiated solutions in the market."

"We are pleased to partner with NetLogic Microsystems, a respected industry-leader in multi-core processors, to deliver unprecedented instant access to such a highly integrated and comprehensive Linux configuration and build environment for developers of NetLogic Microsystems’ multi-core processor-based platforms," said Mathias Båth, senior vice president of marketing at Enea. “The business model of unrestricted access, with true value-add in available advanced runtime components, tools, support and services is the way in which developers today expect to work with open source software. And the custom ‘platform builder’ approach at the core of this PDK is certainly the way developers prefer to build their Linux-based systems moving forward.”