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Enea and MontaVista Software Release New Platform

Enea and MontaVista Software, the leading embedded Linux provider for the telecommunications market, today announced that they have joined forces to create a new high-availability platform known as the Network Application Services Platform (NASP). The platform includes MontaVista’s Linux and Enea’s product families OSE, Polyhedra, Element and Linx.

“As network equipment providers to a greater extent buy software instead of develop their own, integrated software components are becoming increasingly important” says Johan Wall, president and CEO at Enea. ”When building large scale distributed telecom equipment with high-availability requirements, our customers prefer products that simplify their development efforts and reduce time to market.” “MontaVista Software is pleased to partner with ENEA to offer the industry’s most complete integrated telecom solution” says Jim Ready, CEO of MontaVista Software. “We think network equipment providers who are looking to deploy complex distributed systems in a timely, cost effective fashion will find this platform very compelling.”