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Commercial Grade Yocto Based Linux Distribution from Enea

The Emerging De Facto Distribution in Next Generation Communications and Networking Systems with Superior Real-time Performance

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, September 27, 2012 – Enea® (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA), the world’s leading independent operating system solution vendor for 3G and 4G infrastructure equipment, is today announcing the first commercial release of the Yocto ProjectTM ( based Enea Linux v2.0 – a hardened, commercial grade Linux distribution addressing next generation communications and networking systems.

Enea Linux v2.0 is the Linux distribution for communications and networking and includes a comprehensive cross-development tool chain and runtime environment with guaranteed performance and quality of service (QoS), flexible support offerings, worldwide support and maintenance, and expert professional services.

Superior Real-time Performance in Linux User-space

For real-time sensitive applications Enea offers the complementary LightWeight RunTime (LWRT) technology, which is an innovation in Linux user-space. LWRT is an “all-Linux” solution based on a single Linux Kernel, and provides high throughput and very good interrupt response time (i.e. low-latency). The user-mode scheduler in LWRT can handle context switches deterministically in significantly less cycles compared to native Linux.

“We have always been experts in real-time, and with Linux in our portfolio we continue to bring innovation and relevance to a market where our customers want to focus their development efforts on value added applications rather than on optimizing an operating system”, says Tobias Lindquist, Chief Technology Officer, Enea. “Enea Linux outperforms the requirements of next generation networks, and brings our customers the competitive edge they need”.

Quality of Service Support and Maintenance by the Experts

Enea Linux is a long-term endeavor supporting both reference and customer target hardware and Enea can provide customizations and adaptations to the integrated product, e.g. BSP development. Dedicated Enea Linux support teams distributed worldwide ensure local and timely support in all geographical regions, and a proven technical alignment process for close co-operation and joint development guarantees successful customer projects.

Committed to the Open Source Community and the Yocto Project

Enea is a respected member in the open source community, and is a Silver Member in the Yocto Project Advisory Board, open only to Linux Foundation corporate members. “Enea’s decision to focus its efforts in the Linux community on the Yocto Project is already benefiting both the community and Enea’s customers” says Amanda McPherson,Vice President of Marketing and Developer Services, The Linux Foundation.

The Best Software Optimized for the Best Hardware

More than half of the world’s macro cell base stations and more than three out of four LTE base stations run on Enea software. As an independent software vendor, Enea is able to have close co-operation and technical alignment with leading hardware manufacturers, ensuring that the software solution is optimized for the best silicon architectures in the market.