Press Releases

Changes in Enea’s organization and strategy

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, December 13, 2011 – Enea’s ambition is to become the world leader of operating systems solutions. To achieve this, we will focus even more on key accounts. The major suppliers of telecom infrastructure products are facing great challenges when the market for wireless communication is growing quickly. With data traffic increasing at a tremendous pace there is demand of optimized software and higher concentration of the number of base stations.

Enea has built up a strong market position over a decade with leading edge technology embedded in market-leading products worldwide. Enea’s core expertise is in this field and the company’s solutions deal with the challenges faced by today’s networks. Enea is the company that the major telecoms companies and hardware manufacturers should consult when they need operating system solutions and expert knowledge for development of the networks of the future.

Business unit Software

Business unit Software will strengthen its offer of operating systems solutions. Enea has the building blocks to deploy an entire system solution featuring Linux, realtime operating systems and hardware environments. For the major customers, we will deliver integrated, customized solutions to help customers build world leading products.

Business unit Consulting

Business unit Consulting will continue to offer expert knowledge in areas such as embedded systems, realtime and wireless communications. The consulting business in the Nordic countries, USA, Romania and China are focusing on local expert knowledge combined with off-shoring in larger customer projects.

We launched Enea Experts in Sweden in the spring as a way of calling attention to our profile on the Swedish consultancy market, and also to allow us in the longer term to more effectively attract the experts we are looking for. We will be building on that initiative and making sure that we become one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of consultancy services in our fields.

Transformation project

In conjunction with the financial reporting of the third quarter 2011 we announced the launch of a project which aims to optimize the organization and strategy.

The focus areas in the project are:

  • New organization with focus on key accounts
  • Greater focus and more resources to the company’s Linux investment to be able to deliver integrated operating systems solutions
  • Improved global coordination of large customer projects that includes both software and services
  • Closer collaboration with leading chip manufacturers

Management changes

Enea’s organization has been optimized in accordance with the strategy. After the change, Enea’s executive management team consists of Anders Lidbeck, President and CEO, Lars Kevsjö, CFO, Tobias Lindquist, CTO, Karl Mörner, VP Software Products, Bogdan Putinica, VP Software Services, Bo Strömqvist, VP Key Accounts, Adrian Leufvén, SVP World Wide Sales, Catharina Paulcén, VP Communications and Håkan Rippe, SVP Corporate Development.