Qosmos statement regarding investigation by French authorities

Paris, France – August 14, 2012

Qosmos had no relationship with the Syrian government. Qosmos does not sell surveillance systems; Qosmos sells software components to equipment vendors, software vendors and systems integrators, for use in a wide variety of cybersecurity and telecoms applications, from firewalls to mobile billing. In this project, Qosmos sold its component technology to a German software vendor for its lawful intercept application, who in turn sold to an Italian systems integrator responsible for working with the Syrian telecommunications carrier.

The system was never put into operation. Qosmos withdrew from the project in 2011 prior to completion and the system was in fact unusable at the time of our withdrawal.

Qosmos is fully cooperating with the French authorities in their investigation.

In its previous public statements (November 22, 2011, December 8, 2011), Qosmos advocated for stronger government regulation regarding the use of surveillance systems to prevent misuse.