Openwave Mobility First to Optimize QUIC Encrypted Video

NFV-enabled Secure Traffic Manager saves 70% data in HD QUIC videos

REDWOOD CITY, CA and MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, Barcelona 24 February 2016 – Openwave Mobility, a software innovator enabling operators to manage and monetize encrypted mobile data, announced today the release of an upgrade to Secure Traffic Manager. This is the industry’s first mobile optimization solution to manage video delivery over Quick UDP Internet Connection (QUIC), Google’s ubiquitous internet traffic protocol. QUIC extends STM optimization capabilities for encrypted traffic beyond TCP and HTTPS.

Google apps such as YouTube are increasingly adopting QUIC as their default transport protocol, developed to deliver content faster online. This however has had an adverse effect on mobile operators as this UDP-based protocol is heavily encrypted.

STM builds on patent-pending quality-driven optimization for encrypted video traffic, including YouTube. The technology empowers mobile operators to manage network utilization based on subscriber’s Quality of Experience (QoE). Engineers at Openwave Mobility developed the algorithm by human-testing tens of thousands of videos on different devices.

STM has been deployed by Tier 1 mobile operators in North America and the Middle East. It has helped reduce the data impact of encrypted video by 20-30%. STM was recently awarded first prize for Network Management Excellence at the Awards.

Indranil Chatterjee, SVP Product & Sales said: “By the end of this year encrypted traffic will reach 80% in some regions. We want service providers to have the technology to manage this data influx efficiently. And we want operators to be futureproof too and that’s why we continue to innovate given our strong DNA in mobile data and video.”

Chatterjee continued: “As part of our STM solution, operators will also have access to an easy to implement framework that allows them to manage and optimize future traffic profiles. So, if and when new content providers and protocols emerge, service providers can be ready to deliver a consistent QoE to their subscribers while improving RAN efficiency by 10%.”

Sue Rudd, Director Service Provider Analysis at Strategy Analytics noted: “In April last year Google was already serving half of all requests from Chrome to Google servers over QUIC. It is Google’s default transport from all Google clients — both Chrome and mobile apps — to Google servers.”

She continued: “By using QUIC to avoid the penalties of TCP and add its own optimization, Openwave Mobility now offers an even more complete portfolio for mobile operators. Service providers can now launch an improved version of T-Mobile’s Binge On that can also manage UDP based protocols, as I noted in my December Blog

A live demonstration can be seen at Mobile World Congress: meeting room 6N11MR in Hall 6. Contact [email protected] for more information or to book an appointment at MWC.

About Openwave Mobility

Openwave Mobility empowers mobile operators to manage and monetize encrypted traffic. Based on the industry’s most scalable NFV platform our solutions alleviate RAN congestion, create new revenue opportunities and unify subscriber data. The company provides solutions for mobile data optimization, targeted promotions and subscriber data management.

Openwave Mobility has deployed all-IP traffic solutions with over 40 of the world’s largest service providers, and has a global presence headquartered in Silicon Valley California.

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