Mirantis & Openwave Mobility Collaborate on Subscriber Data Management for NFV

The industry’s first NFV-enabled UDR now validated on Mirantis OpenStack

REDWOOD CITY, Calif – October 25 2016 – Openwave Mobility, a software innovator enabling operators to manage and monetize encrypted mobile data, today announced a collaboration with Mirantis, the pure play OpenStack company. Openwave Mobility’s Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solution, vUDR, has been validated within the Mirantis OpenStack environment.

Openwave Mobility vUDR is the industry’s first NFV-enabled User Data Repository (UDR) and has been deployed by several tier one operators globally to manage subscriber profile data across voice and data networks. UDR solutions are critical for virtualized networks as they help decouple applications that have awareness of subscribers from IT provisioning systems. This increases the speed and flexibility of virtualized applications and dramatically cuts provisioning time for new subscriber services.

Openwave Mobility’s cloud-based vUDR goes above and beyond traditional UDR systems. In-built federation and replication means that network applications can read and write data from any data center or data silo. And while the NFV infrastructure is typically built using commodity servers which provide 99.9% availability at best, by using proprietary software processes, vUDR is able to deliver 99.999% (five-nines) availability on commodity virtual machines. vUDR is nevertheless lightweight and agile, and it has enabled our customers to onboard new applications in just two weeks, compared to the average subscriber data provisioning integration of nine months.

“Mobile operators have critical decisions to make if they want to use NFV to drive down expenditure and reduce time to market for new applications.” said Aman Brar, VP of Global Solutions & Global Alliances at Openwave Mobility. “But to truly realize the agility that NFV delivers, operators need to deploy a robust UDR solution first. Without the foundation of UDR, network applications will struggle to access or monetize their subscriber data and operators will face service provisioning delays.”

Mirantis VP of Product Marketing, Kamesh Pemmaraju adds: “A number of NFV solutions emerged over the past year that promised agility relating to deploying and orchestrating network applications, but they don’t address the crucial aspect of subscriber data management. Openwave Mobility’s vUDR fills this important gap and delivers tangible cost savings, scalability, and flexibility. Openwave Mobility joins Mirantis Unlocked Partner Program with this validation providing mobile operators access to this solution within Mirantis OpenStack environments”.

Rich Karpinski, Principal Analyst, Mobile Operator, 451 Research said: “For mobile operators to succeed with next generation services and business models, they need to address both the cost and revenue sides of their business. NFV can help operators significantly cut deployment costs, while increasing service agility. Meanwhile, leveraging NFV to make subscriber data more available, more quickly, and to more applications, can open up significant new revenue opportunities. That’s the right equation for operator success in today’s more competitive digital markets.”

More information on Subscriber Data Management and an exclusive e-book for mobile operators, New Perspectives in SDM, can be found here

About Openwave Mobility

Openwave Mobility empowers mobile operators to manage and monetize encrypted traffic. Based on the industry’s most scalable NFV platform, our solutions alleviate RAN congestion, create new revenue opportunities and unify subscriber data. The company provides solutions for mobile data optimization, targeted promotions and subscriber data management.

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