AdaptiveMobile Security makes the internet a safer place, supporting MTN’s partnership with Internet Watch Foundation

DUBLIN, 21 May 2020, 9am GMT

In its continued efforts to protect mobile networks and their subscribers from all global mobile security threats, AdaptiveMobile Security is delighted to support MTN with their latest Child Online Protection programme, which was recently launched in partnership with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). MTN is the first Africa-wide Telecommunications Company to partner with the IWF.

AdaptiveMobile Security’s award-winning Network Protection Platform (NPP) provides a Web Protection solution enabling operators to deliver fast, policy-based control over the web traffic transiting mobile operator networks. In the case of the MTN’s Child Online Protection Programme, our Web Protection solution not only provides detailed reporting of categories and volume of Child Abuse-related threats affecting the MTN network but also actively blocks malicious URLs that have been blacklisted by the IWF, effectively stopping the spread of child abuse content.

Brian Collins, CEO, AdaptiveMobile Security added: “We are delighted to support MTN’s Child Online Protection Programme and to partner with an operator whose commitment to the global community by actively seeking to end all forms of violence against children must be lauded. We have been members of the IWF since 2006 and are strong advocates of the hugely important work the foundation does to eliminate child sexual abuse content online. We are thankful also to our technology partner on this project, NoviFlow, who have been instrumental to the implementation of our Web Protection solution at MTN.”

He added “With most countries mobile phone penetration now exceeding 100%, mobile networks are more critical than ever as they form a pervasive component of almost every part of our society. The reality of today’s hyper-connected world, dictates that mobile network operators have the expertise, competence and intelligence needed to protect subscribers and fight malicious traffic on mobile networks. Our mutual aim is to protect subscribers and stop cybercriminals who are seeking to exploit mobile networks and to abuse some of the most vulnerable members of our society especially children.”

Similarly, MTN has a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of abuse and exploitation, including that of children. Their partnership with AdaptiveMobile Security and the IWF builds on their commitment to make the internet safer for children. Online safety is a community challenge and an opportunity for industry, government and civil society to work together to establish safer principles and practices to the benefit of children and broader society.

AdaptiveMobile Security will continue to focus on providing excellent products and solutions that protect subscribers and networks from the next generation of mobile security threats and attacks. With products developed from their deep expertise and unique security perspective from working with nine of the top 10 operator groups globally, protecting over 2.1 billion mobile subscribers worldwide.

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