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Rising Above the Noise – Managing Risk in a Barrage of Voice Fraud

Did you know that in 2023, 61% of the world’s population received a scam call? That’s a cumulative loss of $58 billion to voice fraud. With the emergence of  AI, deepfakes and Caller ID spoofing, the industry is seeing a marked rise in voice fraud. It is no surprise that telecom regulators are more determined than ever to mitigate against voice fraud. In this webinar hosted by RCR Wireless, voice fraud experts will exchange their insights on the different types of voice fraud, and discuss the ways mobile operators are approaching voice fraud to secure their subscribers. The discussion will cover the following topics:

  • The various types of voice fraud that our experts have been seeing, and the evolving tactics of attackers.
  • How telecom regulators, mobile subscribers, and enterprises are having an impact on voice fraud.
  • How mobile network operators can mitigate the impact of voice fraud and best protect their subscribers.
  • What the future holds for voice threats.

Register now to join the conversation on the 25th of June at 10am (ET).



Jelte Jansons

Jelte Jansons

Director of Product Management

Cem Dincer headshot

Cem Dincer

Telecommunications Systems Security Manager
Türk Telekom

Catherine Sbeglia Nin

Managing Editor
RCR Wireless