How Will AI Find Its Place in the Messaging World?

Experts from the messaging world will be gathering on the 4th and 5th of June to discuss the messaging industry and its future at Messaging and SMS World in London.

This year, the conference will explore AI integration in messaging platforms, SMS monetisation, and restoring trust in SMS. In Wednesday’s keynote panel, Enea VP of Business Development Simeon Coney will join experts from Microsoft, Viber, GMS and more at 9:15 am to discuss AI in the messaging world.

The potential of AI in messaging has generated a lot of conversation around its transformative possibilities, even outside the messaging industry. On the flip side, many experts are concerned about the possibility of AI giving rise to higher volumes of fraud, and more sophisticated attacks. Join expert panellists as they explore both sides of the coin: the discussion will cover how AI could be leveraged to enhance the end user’s experience and improve conversational commerce, the possibilities it could bring to rich messaging, and the security concerns around the use of AI in messaging.

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Simeon Coney

VP Business Development at Enea

Alessandro Adriani

Visiting Fellow, Henley Business School

Vova Gerneshii

Product Director of Enterprise, GMS

Seema Bansal

Product Manager, Microsoft


William Richmond-Coggan

Partner, Freeths

Cristina Constandache

Chief Revenue Officer, Viber