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A2P SMS Under Siege: Artificially Inflated Traffic and Its Impact on the Industry

The rapid rise of Artificially Inflated Traffic is now affecting the entire messaging value chain, from the mobile operators and SMS service providers, right through to brands and consumers. The direct consequence of this activity is that brands are actively migrating their international A2P SMS traffic to alternative channels.

Despite its impact on the messaging ecosystem, there is no industry wide definition of Artificially Inflated Traffic and little detail available about different attack types, or how to identify them. This report identifies six attack types of Artificially Inflated Traffic, highlighting the full impact of the threat across the A2P SMS industry.

  • Anywhere between 19.8 billion and 35.7 billion fraudulent AIT messages were sent in 2023

What the A2P SMS Industry Needs to Know About Artificially Inflated Traffic

This report answers the following questions:

1. What are the Different Types of Artificially Inflated Traffic?

Discover the six different AIT attack types identified by Enea, find out where they occur on the delivery chain and compare the various types by market impact.

2. What has been driving AIT?

Find out more about the acceleration of Artificially Inflated Traffic in recent times, and the factors that have been driving it.

3. What Fraudulent Activities Related to AIT should you be aware of?

Explore other fraudulent practices which have implications for the detection and control of AIT.

4.  What is the Impact on the A2P SMS Landscape?

Learn more about the effect of AIT on brands using A2P SMS to communicate with their customers, and the consequences for the messaging ecosystem at large.

5. How should the threat be addressed?

Addressing the impact of AIT on A2P messaging is essential for safeguarding the integrity of our communication ecosystems. Enea and Mobilesquared explain what the A2P SMS industry needs to do to combat the threat.

Access the report below to get all the answers, plus additional insights from the research by Mobilesquared and Enea.

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A2P SMS Under Siege: Artificially Inflated Traffic and its Impact on the Industry

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