Enea AdaptiveMobile Security Presents TrustTalks

A new video series of conversations on cybersecurity in the telecoms sector. Hosted by the renowned security analyst Patrick Donegan and featuring experts in 5G network security, signaling and mobile messaging security.


5G Slicing Attacks That Can’t Currently be Mitigated

In this first episode of the series, we will delve into Enea AdaptiveMobile Security’s recently published research on 5G Network Slicing and the security flaws that were found. Patrick Donegan will talk with Silke Holtmanns, who was part of the research team that discovered the vulnerabilities, and will ask her key questions to understand the steps the industry should take in order to secure the future.


SMS Hijack & the Singtel Accellion Data Breach

In the second segment of the series, Patrick Donegan will talk with Silke Holtmanns about the most relevant news in terms of cybersecurity in the telco industry. In this first episode, they will discuss a new technique that allows attackers to hijack text messages. They will also discuss the Singtel Accellion data breach. Concluding with recommendations on how telcos and regulators can work together to protect their networks.


What is 5G Network Slicing?

Network slicing allows a mobile operator to divide their network into multiple distinct virtual blocks that provide different amounts of resources and prioritization to different types of traffic.

Why will Network Slicing be so important for 5G?

Network slicing will allow operators to provide portions of their networks for specific customer use cases in verticals such as Automotive, Healthcare and Entertainment. As a result, the network is open to many partners and sliced into use cases and vertical-specific blocks.

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