The Mobile Network Battlefield


AdaptiveMobile Security integration with Enea, GLOMO Awards & ROCCO Recognition

In light of the acquisition of AdaptiveMobile Security by Enea back in July, in this next episode of TrustTalks we will be revealing details on the company’s integration with Enea as well as the ample scope to leverage product synergies between Enea’s business units. We will also be discussing AdaptiveMobile Security’s win for Best Authentication and Security Solution for Mobile Networks at the GLOMO Awards, as well as the recent ROCCO Tier 1 signalling firewall recognition the company obtained.  

AdaptiveMobile Security integration with Enea, GLOMO Awards & ROCCO Recognition


The Mobile Network Battlefield in Ukraine

Following the release of our white paper on Mobile network-enabled attacks in hybrid warfare, our Director of National Security Intelligence, Rowland Corr, will join HardenStance analyst, Patrick Donegan, in a conversation about the role the cyber realm has played in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Our speakers will begin by analyzing the role of mobile networks in both defensive and offensive operations, discussing the implications for our understanding of evolving terms like hybrid warfare and cyber wars. Additionally, we’ll touch on the lessons learned from the hybrid aspects of this invasion in terms of our approach to national security.

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STIR/SHAKEN and Pegasus Spyware

We will be exploring what’s going on in the cyber security space, starting with the recent FCC Plan to Impose STIR/SHAKEN on International Carriers in the US and what types of cyber-attacks we’d expect it to tackle. Also, our CSO, Simeon Coney will discuss with Patrick Donegan the latest Pegasus Spyware headlines. How can mobile operators do more to help protect their networks and subscribers from this type of cyber threat?

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Who is responsible for the protection of a nation’s critical communications infrastructure?

From our extensive global experience, we believe to properly secure the national critical communications infrastructure of any country requires a multi-layered approach. Collaboration is essential between private and public sector bodies (national regulators, mobile operators and governments) in the development of effective, consistently applied security measures. This includes the sharing of threat-related intelligence and facilitating the development of cross-sector practices in securing any nation’s key communications assets and infrastructure.

What are common mobile network cyber attacks as part of a hybrid warfare strategy?

Attackers can target core network vulnerabilities to attain and further amplify advantage in offensive military operations. The form that cyber network attacks can take varies, but at a high level the following are possible:
-Surveillance/location tracking
-Message/Call/Data Interception
-Fraud (against the operator or the subscriber)
-Phishing* (malware delivery)
-Denial of Service
-Information harvesting

What is TrustTalks?

TrustTalks telco security series is an initiative of the company Enea AdaptiveMobile Security. This video series is intended to serve as an informative and educational channel for telecom companies, regulators, and CPaaS providers. A series of videos hosted by the renowned security analyst Patrick Donegan and with the participation of a panel of security experts, who will discuss the most relevant cyber security issues and share key security insights.

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