Redeye Interviews Enea’s CEO Jan Häglund: Mobile Security, 5G’s Future and Freedom of Choice

With a strong track record in software for cybersecurity and telecoms, Enea has secured five acquisitions in five years. The latest acquisition will strengthen its market position in security for mobile networks

Four months on from Enea’s acquisition of AdaptiveMobile Security, Jan Häglund, President and CEO of Enea, was interviewed by Redeye, a Nordic investment bank, about both this acquisition and the future for Enea in 5G and cybersecurity.

As a world leader in mobile network security, AdaptiveMobile Security will continue to operate as an independent unit within Enea. This strategy follows an established integration model: Enea works with an acquired organisation to gradually enhance the overall portfolio.

Jan Häglund highlighted how AdaptiveMobile Security will complement and strengthen Enea’s established position in telecoms. “AdaptiveMobile Security is a leader in cybersecurity for telecoms. We already have an established position in in the industry with a focus on 5G solutions that support security, so this really is a great fit for us”, said Häglund.

AdaptiveMobile Security is also firm in the belief that this acquisition will be successful due to the similarities in market strategy with Enea and the new opportunity for a wider range of customers to be served. Brian Collins, CEO of AdaptiveMobile, echoed Häglund’s statement on the benefits of this acquisition. “Our unique offering of security products coupled with deep security intelligence and analyst input will enhance Enea’s product offerings, especially in the area of 5G.”

The future of 5G

Redeye also asked Jan Häglund about the future of 5G. There is huge potential in the 5G market as 5G deployments continue and 4G and 5G coexist. Forecasts both by Enea and external analysts show that 4G traffic will continue to grow and will not peak for another 2-3 years. This establishes a firm place for Enea with award-winning expertise in the 5G Core and video traffic management solutions that cater for both 4G and 5G.

“Enea has enabled mobile operators to get 15% more out of their radio network capacity,” explained Jan Häglund. “In addition, Enea has successfully innovated in cloud native software, which has strengthened data management and traffic management capabilities for 5G and beyond. This will only advance as we work with AdaptiveMobile Security, whose expertise in 5G network security will be invaluable to operators.”

Freedom and choice for operators

Häglund also expressed confidence in Enea’s competitive position. Traditionally operators have been forced to work with a single system vendor for all their needs and have been locked in with that vendor. Enea’s Cloud Native software now gives operators choice and freedom to build best of breed, open networks. They can mix and match solutions they really want and have full control over the process.

Contact Enea if you would like to know more. Watch the full interview here.

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