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Location Tracking on The Battlefield

Mobile networks have played a key role in the 2022 invasion of Ukraine by Russia.  A question that has arisen many times over the course of the war is the tracking of mobile phones – whether it is happening, how it could be done, and the impact it could have. Enea’s groundbreaking report provides an overview of the various ways mobile devices are tracked on the battlefield.

Download the report to discover a complete analysis of the methods employed to track mobile devices in conflict, including radio and mobile techniques .

“Our comprehensive analysis of the mobile battlefield reveals the complexities and evolving role of mobile networks in warfare. This report brings an important understanding of how phones are tracked on the battlefield, adding crucial insights for telecom, military and government policymakers to enhance security measures and effectively leverage technological advancements in the field.”

Cathal Mc Daid, VP of Technology at Enea

What Enea’s Report on Location Tracking on The Battlefield Covers:

The report details a number of methods used to track mobile devices on the battlefield in Ukraine, covering three main categories:

1. Radio-enabled location tracking

Get an overview of location tracking using radio waves, which is broken down into three methods including passive and active direction finding, and location retrieval over radio networks.

2. Network-enabled location tracking

Find out how network-enabled location tracking works, and explore the three methods used to track locations over mobile networks, including via core signaling networks, through lawful interception, and mobile operator telecom hacking.

3. Device-enabled tracking

Discover how mobile devices can be used for location tracking through mobile app data exchange and mobile malware.

4. Other location tracking approaches

Learn about alternative approaches to tracking mobile devices, some of which have been subject to heavy debate due to blurring lines between civilians and combatants.

Explore these methods of location tracking and more in Enea’s comprehensive report designed to help military, telecom, and government policymakers better understand the risks that mobile devices carry on and off the battlefield.


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Location Tracking on The Battlefield

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