White Paper Excerpt

White paper excerpt

IoT CCS Use Cases – Transportation

Usually, operators’ mobile core and OSS/BSS teams prioritize stability before being fast on their feet, implementing every change requested by demanding customers.

With Enea Aptilo IoT Connectivity Control Service (IoT CCS), mobile operators can free themselves from these limitations. It gives them the freedom to innovate IoT services that were impossible to achieve in a strict 3GPP environment. As a result, mobile operators can easily tailor IoT connectivity services to the specific needs of different customer types.

In our series of end-customer use cases, the time has come to discuss the need for IoT connectivity for the transportation market.

Hyperscale Cellular IoT – White Paper

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Transportation – Unified IoT Experience Internationally

IoT CCS Use Cases Transportation


Let’s explore how mobile operators can combine a connectivity control service such as Enea Aptilo IoT CCS with their own ability to do dynamic eSIM localization. They can provision and update settings in the eSIM and change the profile to the local operator on the fly. The mobile operator can use their over-the-air (OTA) SIM management system and the latest eUICC technology to achieve this localization.

This is glorious news for international transport companies, as in this example, operating over North and Central America. They can turn to one mobile operator in Canada to solve all their connectivity needs, both domestically and abroad, under one contract.

By connecting all their partner MNOs to IoT CCS, the mobile operator can offer a unified global Private APN connectivity without roaming by utilizing local subscriptions and IoT CCS. The trucks will, for instance, maintain their IP address, policies, and security across borders.

Let’s see what happens as the truck passes different countries. Our trip begins in Canada. When the truck enters the United States, this triggers activation of the profile for the US partner MNO over-the-air (OTA). The truck continues to Mexico, and the OTA SIM management system ensures that the eSIM switches to the local MNO partner in Mexico.

The transportation company can apply the same policies and security settings to their trucks, no matter where they are. If needed, the IoT CCS service can offer policy-based breakout for all or parts of the traffic to the nearest AWS point-of-presence.

Watch the videos below to learn more about IoT CCS. The transportation use case starts at 24:24 min into the use case video.

2 min overview Enea Aptilo IoT CCS re-inventing Cellular IoT Connectivity Management

Enea Aptilo IoT CCS Introduction

Get an overview of IoT CCS in just 2 minutes.


IoT CCS overview and enterprise use cases

Enea Aptilo IoT CCS – Use Cases

This 28 min video will overview the groundbreaking IoT CCS service and show some example use cases for different market segments, including automotive, utilities, and the vast Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) market.

Automation of Enterprise VPNs for Private APN setup in cellular IoT
Automation of Enterprise VPNs

Get the complete picture of the award-winning Multitenancy Private APN functionality of Enea Aptilo IoT CCS in less than 5 min.

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