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Rakshit Mehta, Business Development Executive, Telecom, IBM

Oliver Korfmacher, VP of Business Development, Enea;

Steve Collins, Senior Vice President, Access Devices, Casa Systems

Subscriber Data Management with Built-In Security, Interoperability, and Multi-Access 5G for Edge-Based Delivery Intelligence

5G technology, when combined with edge computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, enables network customization like never before, providing a unique opportunity to build and control the network experience end-to-end. Unlike 4G, the speed, latency abilities and application potential of 5G carves out a purpose far beyond consumer devices. According to a GSMA report, 5G connections will surpass 1 billion in 2022 and 2 billion by 2025, and 5G will account for over a fifth of total mobile connections. Beyond mobile phones, 5G will play a major role in key industries, like healthcare, manufacturing, defense and more, keeping critical systems and applications running. As these networks continue to gain traction in enterprise operations, the need for heightened security increases. Private networks, locally hosted or via the cloud, offer a path to data ownership, high levels of security, application customization, and differentiated performance…..

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