Enea IoT CCS Receives 2022 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award

2022 IOT EVOLUTION AWARD - Product of the year

We are proud to announce that Enea IoT CCS is a winner of the 2022 IoT Evolution Product of the year award. This is the tenth finalist and sixth industry award-win for IoT CCS, so our slightly cocky comment “Oops, we did it again!” is justified.

What makes Enea IoT CCS such an award magnet? Well, it ticks all the boxes regarding uniqueness and innovation and brings game-changing opportunities for mobile operators and their IoT customers.

This Is the Short ‘Why’

Enea IoT Connectivity Control Service™ (IoT CCS) introduces a new solution category that has never been seen before—a hyperscale programmable layer for cellular IoT connectivity control, security, and automation. It is delivered as a unique instance per mobile operator, hosted on Amazon AWS. With IoT CCS, mobile operators (and MVNOs) can innovate from the cloud and create new IoT connectivity services previously considered unthinkable. They can do so instantaneously and for a fraction of the alternative cost with our pay-as-you-grow service model.

Mobile operators can automate the setup of VPNs and do not have to deal with the work of creating a unique APN for each customer. Our experience with IoT CCS deployments shows mobile operators can reduce their VPN onboarding process from many weeks to a few minutes, handled by their customers instead of by expensive operations resources.

With IoT CCS, which includes Fortinet’s FortiGate next-generation firewalls as an integral part, the mobile operator’s customers can manage their own IoT security.

Download Our White Paper to Get the Long ‘Why’

In our comprehensive white paper Hyperscale Cellular IoT, you will get all the details about Enea IoT CCS, but that is only in the last chapter.

In chapters 1-2 we address all factors that made us realize that service providers must use hyperscalers and add a programmable layer of policy control, security, and automation. These insights led us to create IoT CCS in close cooperation with our first MNO customer.

Almost all IoT business is global and security is more important than ever, so those topics have their own chapters. Download our white paper now, to explore the wonderful world of Hyperscale Cellular Connectivity.


Hyperscale Cellular IoT – White Paper

This is an excerpt from our white paper Hyperscale Cellular IoT. The full white paper is available here if you like what you read. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Hyperscale Cellular IoT white paper download

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