Secrets of Data Management for the 5G Core

The hype is over. The implementation and rollout of 5G is here – and it is a significant milestone for every mobile operator. 5G provides a once in a generation opportunity to examine and overhaul operational processes. Likewise, 5G enables better data management, the important integration of the core and the edge and the ability to break the chains of vendor lock-ins. Along with these tremendous opportunities, however, come threats than need to be addressed. To this end, Enea Openwave has developed an exclusive new eBook for mobile operators: Secrets of Data Management for the 5G Core, which zeros in on the most fundamental aspects of an operator’s business.

The eBook comes at a critical time for operators to get 5G right – especially in terms of managing data in the 5G core, which is fundamental to the success of every 5G business model.

Do it right and you can save up to 30% in OPEX, simplify your network and provide a solid foundation for new use cases to monetize 5G effectively and rapidly.

Do it wrong and – at best – you face a tsunami of unmanageable data. At worst, you lose ground to Amazon, Google and Microsoft, as OTTs take control and monetize your data at your expense.

The stakes are high

Behemoth hyperscalers may have gotten to the cloud first, but mobile operators still have the advantage. With a critically needed coherent approach to data management, operators must gear up to manage and defend their most valuable asset: subscriber data. Neglecting to implement a successful data management strategy could result in these hyperscalers taking over all-important subscriber data — and they will not be content to simply partner with operators.

At the heart of a successful data management strategy are the network data layer (NDL) and unified data management (UDM). The new 3GPP 5G architecture presents a unique opportunity to hone data management strategies into seamless approaches equipped to hold operator ground. This eBook provides invaluable insight into these strategies, including:

  • How and why are Amazon, Google, Microsoft and other enterprise behemoths trying to become operators, and how can operators address this threat?
    • What does cloud native really mean for operator data?
    • How do public, private and multi clouds fit within 5G data management?
    • How can operators embrace CI/CD ways of working?
    • What is the role of the network data layer?

And there’s more! The eBook also includes exclusive analyst insight from leading authorities at Heavy Reading and Strategy Analytics.

Timely insight – that’s exclusive to operators


Heavy Reading’s Principal Analyst Gabriel Brown explains why operators should consider a multi-vendor 5G core. He examines how some operators plan to assemble the functions that make up service-based architecture (SBA) in the 5G core and the options available to them. He also highlights the problems with 4G and 5G core integration.


Strategy Analytics Director Sue Rudd looks at the specific benefits of cloud-native platforms for mobile operators. What is working well and not so well? Learn how to spot effective cloud-native software and gain exclusive insight on the first cloud-native use case: private 5G networks – a popular use case operators are looking to monetize as soon as possible.

The eBook crystallizes the insights that Enea Openwave has gained through 15 years of managing subscriber data in some of the largest operator networks in North America, Europe and Asia. Download your copy of the Secrets of Data Management for the 5G Core eBook today to better understand and reap the benefits of data management in 5G networks.

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