Case Study


Migrating Enea AdaptiveMobile Security’s Messaging Security solution to a 5G cloud native environment with Tanzu.

This case study explores how we addressed the challenge of maintaining the existing functionality of our SMS firewall for a long-term customer in preparation for 5G migration.

  • The hardware used to deploy the solution had reached end of life, and the underlying OS had multiple security vulnerabilities.
  • The customer had developed a strategy for 5G SA launch and needed to protect its investment in 3G/4G SMS security applications, while preparing for new security use cases on 5G.

To solve this problem and preserve the high standard of protection provided by our SMS firewall, ENEA AdaptiveMobile Security’s Network Protection Platform was migrated to Tanzu’s 5G cloud native environment. Download the case study to explore the benefits of this solution.

Download the Mobile Security Deployment in a Multi Cloud World case study now!

case study tanzu

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