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Rising Above the Noise: Managing Risk in a Barrage of Voice Fraud

With 61% of people worldwide receiving a scam call in 2023, leading to an associated combined loss of $58 billion, it’s no surprise that regulators are eager to get on top of voice fraud cases.

Three mobile security experts from Enea, Turk Telekom, and Telecom Egypt join RCR Wireless’ Catherine Speglia Nin to discuss the various types of voice fraud and how mobile network operators are addressing the issue.

The main discussion points:

  • The various types of voice fraud, including CLI Spoofing, Wangiri, Flash calling, robocalls and more.
  • Trends in voice fraud observed by Enea and mobile network operators.
  • The external factors that are having an impact on voice fraud, including regulators and enterprises.
  • How mobile operators can protect their mobile networks and subscribers from voice threats.
  • What the future of voice fraud looks like.