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Enea provides timely access to skilled engineering resources, program and project management capabilities, mutually beneficial long-term partnerships and the highest of quality standards - across multiple locations and industries.

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"Effective, Fast and Quality oriented Partner offering solutions and services that supports OTP Bank Romania in achieving ambitious business objectives. With high technical expertise and healthy organizational culture, ENEA succeeds to build a team ready to offer the best results and IT specialists prepared for any business challenge. Thanks ENEA for being close to our needs that at the end translate in best services for OTP clients!"

Embedded Development

Enea has developed the most widely deployed embedded operating system in the telecommunication market and benefits from 50 years of experience in developing software platforms with extreme demands on high-availability and performance.

Enea’s embedded software development experts can support your software throughout the whole product life cycle, from requirement gathering, software design and architecture, development, porting, integration, to validation and quality assurance, so that you can focus on your application to deliver most value to your customers.

Testing and Validation

Enea has its DNA in telecommunications and an extensive experience in helping major global avionics suppliers, two sectors imposing some of the most stringent requirements on quality and standards fulfillment.

Our testing and QA engineers certainly have the expertise to perform rigorous tests and controls to ensure the timely delivery and high quality of your products. Their competencies include test and validation of databases specific application development, security frameworks for operating systems, distributed software applications development, and XML software development.

Avionics Certification

Enea is a recognized expert in complex systems management, development and certification using a wide variety of programming languages and tools, including custom tools developed in-house to meet specific customer requirements. We help companies setting the right requirements and methodology for prototype design and product certification and we provide in-system testing, tracking and support for all certification aspects including associated documentation and communication.

Enea is one of the largest independent software companies performing avionics engineering certifications on mission-critical systems, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification.

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Cybersecurity Services

We help customers to protect their infrastructure by taking their IT operations to the highest possible security level. We accompany them through every step, from strategy to tactical decisions and operational management. We deliver a full range of dedicated services to evaluate existing security levels, pinpoint vulnerabilities, alleviate risks and test infrastructure to ensure the strongest possible defenses.

Our certified team of experts uses the most advanced industry methodologies and will address even the most complex security challenges to ensure that our customers' critical systems are protected from both existing and emerging threats.

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Outsourced Product Development

Depending on customer needs, Enea Global Services offers flexible engagement models from staff augmentation to outsourced services. Staff augmentation is usually PO-based with hourly fees; outsourced services are SOW-based to deliver turnkey solutions for engineering services. Regardless the selected outsourcing model, customers get the chance to work with senior, experienced embedded software development experts for their projects.

Bridged Services

Enea’s “bridged services” approach brings additional value to its outsourcing offering: While key customer interfaces such as project and program management are geographically close to the customer (or even on-site), an off-site team of 300+ engineers located in Sweden, the USA and Romania, ensure a time- and price-efficient R&D backbone. This mature and agile model delivery approach enables to cut costs, increase development speed, and allows dynamic scaling of project size.

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3 Things Enea's Software Development Services does Differently

Bogdan Putinica, SVP Global Services Enea, talks about 3 things Enea's global services does differently to make life easier for their customers.


Case Study

Enea developed Barco’s central on-site device management platform, for all types of ClickShare base units.

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Case Study

Enea delivered a complete file transfer solution to the European Space Agency (ESA).

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Avionics Certification

Enea's DO-178B/DO-254 processes/training and DER approval make us the supplier of choice in the global aerospace industry.

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