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Open data management in the 5G core

5G core networks require a new approach to the management of data, thanks to their service-oriented, cloud-native nature.

Enea's complete 5G Data Management portfolio stores and manages data across all 5G core and edge functions, supporting multi-vendor 4G/5G interworking. Our cloud-native suite spans the common network data layer (NDL), scaling the control plane with critical 3GPP functions including UDM, UDR, UDSF, AUSF, PCF and EIR.

All 5G Data Management Products

Stratum Network Data Layer

The 5G Network Data Layer

Stratum is an open, cloud native and simplified Network Data Layer
Stratum solves the problem of vendor lock-in by collapsing all vendor data silos into one common data layer ensuring separation of applications and data. It provides the 5G UDR, UDSF functionality.

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Subscription Manager


Enea Subscription Manager is a cloud-native solution for subscriber data handling in 5G networks. It includes the Unified Data Management (UDM) function for managing subscriber-related network procedures like registration, authorization and mobility management, and the Authentication Server Function (AUSF) for UE authentication.

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Digital Identity

SmartIDM enables operators to effectively deploy complete Digital Identity Management

Built on our award winning NFV platform, SmartIDM a is secure, real-time, privacy-friendly Identity Management solution

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Enea Equipment Identity Register

The Enea 5G Equipment Identity Register (5G-EIR) is a key solution for authentication of mobile devices, preventing misuse of network and abuse of paid services. It is based on a micro-services architecture and fully compliant with 3GPP specifications for 5G-EIR.

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Enea Unified Data Manager (UDM)


The Enea Unified Data Manager provides UDM functions in 5G networks and supports interworking with HSS in 4G networks. It supports all relevant interworking scenarios, and manages all subscriber and device data. It can also perform the 5G-EIR function and be co-located with the AUSF function.

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Topics and Resources

Solve Vendor Lock-In With Stratum - The 5G Cloud Data Manager

Vendor lock-in means you data is siloed. Stratum collapses all those data silos into a common 5G Network Data Layer.