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Polyhedra is a family of compact, lightweight, standards-based relational database management systems optimized for embedded systems and server-based applications demanding the utmost in performance and reliability.

Built on an ironclad client-server architecture, Polyhedra is specifically designed for use in always-up, real-time applications in areas as diverse as data gathering, communication infrastructure, and industrial systems management.

Polyhedra IMDB (in-memory database system) manages a secure, fault-tolerant data repository for embedded systems, mobile devices and server-based applications that keeps the data in RAM for fast queries and updates – without the need of a hard drive.

Polyhedra Flash DBMS is a secure, fault-tolerant data repository targeted for smaller systems (such as set-top boxes, picocells and portable battery-powered devices) where minimizing code and RAM footprint is more important than ultimate system performance.

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Memory Resident

This provides performance that is significantly greater and more predictable than disk-based alternatives.
In-memory databases are faster than disk based systems, even where the disk based system is cached into RAM.

Fault Tolerant

Polyhedra can be configured so that servers run in a hot-standby arrangement, so that if the master database fails the standby can immediately take over in milliseconds or less.

Active Queries

Polyhedra incorporates a unique concept called active queries, which allow connected clients to monitor the database for changes to selected information, in a timely and scalable fashion. No polling needed!

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