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Enea Netbricks Protocols Selected by Leading Intelligence Monitoring Vendor

Demodulation and Decoding Software to be used in Lawful Intercept Design

Enea® (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA), a global software and services company focused on solutions for communication-driven products, today announced that a leading European supplier of intelligence monitoring solutions has selected Enea® Netbricks DMOD-BRICKS and DCOD-BRICKS 3G 324 for use in lawful intercept network equipment.  

"Leading vendors are consistently selecting Enea Netbricks protocols over other options," said Per Åkerberg, president and CEO, Enea. "The reasons are quite clear:  Our software and our solutions experts substantially improve time to market and reduce development costs for our customers."    DMOD-BRICKS and DCOD-BRICKS 3G 324 are part of the Enea Netbricks line of network protocols.  Written in ANSI C, Enea Netbricks protocols take advantage of a modular, portable architecture that allows hardware platform and compiler independence. 

DMOD-BRICKS is used in fax and voiceband modem interception applications to demodulate communication streams.  DCOD-BRICKS 3G 324 is a suite of software components that provide powerful capabilities for non-intrusive analysis of video and multimedia communication sessions over 3G mobile networks.  Enea Netbricks protocols are provided in source code to over 400 TEMs, and device OEMs worldwide, assisting them in getting products to market quickly, with very low risk and significantly reduced development costs.