AdaptiveMobile tackles ‘grey routes’ with intelligent message-centric protection

DUBLIN, DALLAS, SINGAPORE — March 2, 2015 — AdaptiveMobile (, the world leader in mobile security, today launched its Grey Routes Protection managed service to combat the fraudulent international flow of messaging across mobile networks. AdaptiveMobile Grey Routes Protection uses unique big data analysis capabilities that draw insights from more than 75 mobile networks and 30 billion mobile events every day from every region of the globe to identify grey route messages and intercept the specific illegitimate messages before they hit the terminating operator’s network. The impact of grey route traffic is such that mobile operators measured by AdaptiveMobile around the globe are not claiming on average $5 million per year each in lost A2P messaging revenue.

Unlike ‘spam’ which are messages unwanted by the recipient, grey route messages are legitimate communications but transmitted via a complex network of interconnecting global routes in violation of sending or receiving operators’ commercial terms. Application-to-Person (A2P) traffic such as password reset and 2 Factor Authentication messages or Transaction notification messages such as those from banks and credit card companies has driven the rise in the bulk buying of messaging from legitimate SMS aggregators – and conversely the rise of grey routes operated by fraudulent providers. Conservative estimates put grey route traffic at commonly between 15 to 40 percent of international SMS traffic– the equivalent of billions in lost revenue and consequential cost globally for the telco industry.

“The term ‘grey routes’ is a misnomer – this isn’t a grey area at all,” said Simeon Coney, head of the managed services business unit at AdaptiveMobile. “The messages, while legitimate in content, are being fraudulently re-routed leaving operators out of pocket and brands exposed to breaches of compliance and security. However, simply shutting down the route isn’t the answer as this indiscriminate approach would block all traffic coming from operators’ strategic partners. Instead, a targeted approach is needed that blocks only those commercial messages that have violated commercial terms, and actively discovers those brands whose traffic is being carried via such routes (often without their awareness). This ‘carrot and stick’ approach gives operators and brands the visibility and control they need to regain control of their burgeoning A2P messaging, generate the revenue they are rightfully owed and protect their brand.”

AdaptiveMobile Grey Routes Protection differs from SMS Firewall-based alternatives by treating each message rather than the route. AdaptiveMobile’s Network Protection Platform inspects each message entering an operator’s network against a database of grey route messaging activity. By interrogating individual messages on the basis of its behaviour, reputation and content, AdaptiveMobile can identify messages sent illegally via grey routes and enable Operators to control them to recover the revenue. This approach enables mobile operators to identify and control grey route traffic and discover the brands / campaigns being carried by them so they can restore the commercial benefits due – making this a compelling revenue generator.

The AdaptiveMobile Grey Routes managed service is based on the AdaptiveMobile Network Protection Platform which provides operators with consistent protection against the latest Messaging Security threats, whether over SMS, Email, MMS or RCS / SIP (IP Messaging). Using both in-network controls, subscriber reputation and advanced threat detection algorithms, the Messaging Security platform allows operators to identify and block spammers, service gateways and app broadcasts, as well as prevent the use of grey routes – protecting the messaging revenue from subscribers and brands.

AdaptiveMobile will be showcasing its Grey Routes Protection solution at Mobile World Congress 2015. In addition, Cathal Mc Daid, Head of Data Intelligence & Analytics at AdaptiveMobile, will be discussing mobile messaging abuse/mobile malware as part of the session, ‘The New Security Challenges: Perspectives from Service Providers’. The presentation will include unique visualisations and case study examples and will take place on Wednesday, 4th March, 16.30 – 17.30 in Hall 4, Auditorium 4 at MWC15.

To learn more about AdaptiveMobile Grey Routes Protection, visit the AdaptiveMobile booth at MWC15 (Hall 2, stand 2B28MR) or visit

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