AdaptiveMobile saves mobile operators more than USD$40 million per year

DUBLIN AND DALLAS, September 2, 2015 – AdaptiveMobile, the world leader in mobile security, today announced that its grey route controls service, launched earlier this year, enables operators to recapture in excess of $3.5 million US dollars per month in missed revenue opportunities.

With mobile operators increasingly focused on protecting their networks against financial, reputational and technical exploitation, AdaptiveMobile has witnessed a significant uptake from operators looking to secure the missed revenue opportunity around A2P SMS. As A2P revenues continue to grow, operators are investing in shutting down the unbillable and unauthorised traffic exploiting their networks. This issue has plagued the SMS industry for many years and has started infiltrating other services like MMS, 4th Generation Messaging services (SIP/RCS) and even over-the-top (OTT) mobile messaging platforms and social media chat services.

AdaptiveMobile’s Grey Route Controls service launched in March 2015 to enable operators to recapture this messaging revenue and ensure secure message delivery for users. Already, AdaptiveMobile has enabled one of the largest mobile operators in Africa to recapture $44.4 million USD per year, and early analysis of operators globally project multi-million US dollars in savings per annum.

A recent report from Transparency Market Research states that with the compound annual growth rate of 4.4 percent, the A2P SMS market will be worth $70.32 billion USD by 2020. In a comparable report issued by Juniper Research, the research and consulting firm states that “A2P SMS will generate significant growth over the next five years as enterprise messaging sees considerable uptake in the form of two-step verification and notification services”. Furthermore, the report states that “user concerns regarding privacy will aid A2P SMS growth […] as secure message delivery and reliability [become a top concern]”. AdaptiveMobile has determined that, given this steady incline of A2P SMS traffic, the impact of grey route traffic on mobile operators around the globe could be worth up to $4 billion USD per year in lost A2P messaging revenue. Operators are now realising this potential and the momentum is steadily growing.

AdaptiveMobile is leading the industry with its award winning Network Protection Platform. By interrogating individual messages on the basis of its behaviour, reputation and content, the Company can identify messages sent via grey routes and enable operators to control them, thus recovering the revenue. In addition, it provides operators with the tools and information to establish relationships with the brands and organisations sending messages through grey routes, enabling further new business opportunities and revenue streams for the operator.

With over 75 operators as customers, witnessing in excess of 30 billion mobile events every day from across the globe, AdaptiveMobile is securing its position as the trusted partner to work with operators to assess and protect against their individual network vulnerabilities.