What’s our take on the controversial NSO Pegasus story? Enea acquire AdaptiveMobile Security & more


AdaptiveMobile acquired by Enea, new 5G white paper coming out

We will start by sharing some insights on the recent acquisition of AdaptiveMobile Security by Enea. Answering questions such as what this means for the company and how we might expect to see ENEA’s capabilities augmenting the AdaptiveMobile Security roadmap in the coming quarters. We will also spend some time previewing a new White Paper AdaptiveMobile Security have coming out on SMS in the 5G era. 


NSO Pegasus story

AdaptiveMobile Security CTO, Cathal Mc Daid, will join HardenStance analyst Patrick Donegan in a conversation about the controversial findings of Project Pegasus; a collaboration of a number of high-profile Human Rights Organizations and media outlets to publish information they’ve obtained around the adoption, usage, and penetration of the NSO’s Pegasus software. They will be talking about the nature of this threat – and others like it –  and how AdaptiveMobile Security can help mobile operators monitor and block those messages to better protect their customers against illegitimate, unauthorised use of Pegasus and other types of spyware. 


New Telecoms Security Event

We will be announcing details of a new HardenStance Telecoms Threat Intelligence Summit event. A must-attend event for anyone in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) community. 

What is the Pegasus Project?

The Pegasus Project refers to the release by a number of newspapers of jointly coordinated research on the use or indeed misuse of the NSO Group’s mobile spyware software; Pegasus. This research shows how a list of “people of interest” globally have been allegedly targeted and tracked by the Pegasus spyware technology.

What is TrustTalks?

An initiative of the company Enea AdaptiveMobile Security, TrustTalks is intended to serve as an informative and educational channel for telecom companies, regulators and CPaaS providers. A series of videos hosted by the renowned security analyst Patrick Donegan and with the participation of a panel of security experts, who will discuss the most relevant cybersecurity issues and share key security insights.

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